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Makhdoom services as one of the most renowned pest control service providers in Lahore deals with rodents, beetles, termites, wasps, mosquitoes, termites, and fleas.

Although it varies from site to site. Because it depends on the condition of your place and our number of visits. But we ensure that we do not put a burden on your pocket.

It would be best if you take pest control services after every 2-3 months. Because if your house is prone to pests and termites then they will come back soon

It varies what type of services you are taking. If you want complete house cleaning from pests and bugs then we will use those chemicals that will surely kill ants. Otherwise we only work on eradicating pests.

For controlling pests and bugs early spring is the best time of the year when you can go for pest control services.

For controlling pests and bugs early spring is the best time of the year when you can go for pest control services.

You need to spray your plants once a week during light pests season and twice or maximum thrice a week in heavy pests attack season.

Yes, if you are asking for a home then it is necessary to take termite control services at every home. It would be best if you take our services before shifting to your new home.

Yes, you can but in case the termite attack is uncontrollable you need our help. So at that moment do not wait a second and give us a call. We will protect your home against termite attack.

On average termite treatment lasts for 5 years. But if you have less termite attack then termite control can last longer than 5 years

It might feel impossible for you to permanently get rid of termites. But in reality, if you contact Makhdoom services, our scheduled visits will gradually eradicate the presence of termites permanently.

Make a solution of water and vinegar and clean your entire house with this solution. Do not forget cabinets, doors, and windows. Clean the floors with the same solution.

No, if your clothes are in the cupboard and it is locked then you do not need to wash your clothes after fumigation. But if your clothes are openly placed anywhere then you have to wash them.

It depends on the customer demand. Because if we only use pest control chemicals then it is rarely possible that it will affect rats. But if you ask for it then you will never see rodents at your place after our services.

Yes, it can be because it properly cleans your house against pests, termites, and bugs. Hence your home becomes disinfectant. But it would be best if you separately take disinfection services.

Be mindful that you cannot enter your house for 24 hours after the fumigation process. Because it can affect your throat, eyes, and stomach. Hence before taking fumigation services make a decision to stay away from your place for 24 hours.