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Master Attack on the Pests

Makhdoom Services is one of the most renowned fumigation companies in Pakistan. Our best fumigation pest control services involve both preventive and eradicating approaches.

While preventing, we use pesticides that kill and avoid developing insects, bed bugs, pests, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and mosquitoes, etc. But eradication requires a complete inspection of these insects’ life cycle, and then we give them medicine accordingly. When you see the first pest at your place, you have to immediately call us because the more you delay pest control fumigation, the harder it becomes to resolve the problem. Makhdoom services recommend availing house fumigation services in Lahore for controlling pests in the early stage.

Remember Makhdoom Services when You are Angry at the Pests

Every sector requires fumigation, and usually you keep searching for fumigation services near me. Your search, and we are here in your area in Lahore. Give us a call, and we will be at your place with a speed of light. Our phenomenal services keep your house, building, office, school, and park protected from pests. We provide both domestic and commercial fumigation services; hence you can call us anywhere in Lahore. These pests look like harmless tiny creatures, but in reality, they are incredibly harmful to your health, including malaria, asthma, dengue, skin allergies, etc

  • We offer our specialized fumigation pest control services anywhere in Lahore. We are just one call away. 
  • We perform an on-site risk assessment to check if any injury or allergy could occur. 
  • Our treatment programs are according to the condition of pests attack at your place as we are among the best Fumigation Companies in Pakistan.
  • We come up with safe chemicals for human interaction, but if you feel itching in your eyes, you should not come to the place for at least one day. 
  • We provide our dedicated fumigation pest control services.

Makhdoom Services - Committed to the quickest Fumigation Services in Lahore

  • We are available on weekdays, but our customer services are 24/7 available. 
  • We offer customized solutions to control pests and termites at your place. 
  • By sending an email, you will avail of our free prior consultation services. 
  • We provide same-day fumigation pest control services in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • True termite Commercial Fumigation Services for both commercial and residential areas.

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    What Our Customers Think About Makhdoom Services

    The whole team is well-experienced and friendly in providing the best Fumigation Services In Lahore. I will always recommend them for any bugs.

    Muhmmad Sheroz

    I did not get any allergies from the treatment that I usually get. I will call them again next summer for Commercial Fumigation Services in Lahore

    Usman Munir

    They immediately start their work and provide their best services. They saved my building, and I'm thrilled with their services and pricing.

    Hussain Butt

    They have a professional and friendly team. They always come on time whenever I search Fumigation Services Near Me with guaranteed work.

    Zaki Hassan

    Ask Anything From Our Fumigation Services Experts

    Makhdoom services offer phenomenal fumigation services in Lahore. We help to poison or suffocate the pests within the area to ensure that every bug is eradicated and you get the best Pest Control Fumigation. We Will keep fighting as we offer Commercial Fumigation Services until we ensure that your place is pests-free and enjoyable.

    It depends on the condition of your house and the places where pests and termites spread. If it is less, it will be quite a minimal amount, but if it spreads all over your site, you have to pay a little higher amount. But makhdoom services offer the best pest control services at the most affordable prices

    If you are Lahore based and searching for termite fumigation near me, stop wandering as Makhdoom services is all set to provide its overwhelming Pest and termite control services in Lahore. Give us a call, because we are one call away from you.

    The after-effects of the spray will be lost for 6hours to 2 weeks. But it depends on the quality of the spray, and also it depends on the customized treatment

    It would be best if you keep in mind that you have to stay away from your house for at least 24 hours because it can be allergic to your eyes or have a sore throat or breathing problems after treatment.


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    97 Ferozepur Road Ichhra, Lahore, 54000

    Makhdoom services is a Lahore based pest and termite control company. We have provided our contact information along with our address so that you can conveniently reach us. You can also check maps for better assistance.